2. Notations based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Notations based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Name of the Seller

Miyajima Misen Daisho-in Temple

Chief Administrative Officer



210, Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima 739-0592


Daisho-in Temple refers to each of our experiential program as our “Product” here.

Sale Price

Please refer to the “Descriptions” sections for each Program within this website.

Date and Time of the Product Delivery

When you sign in at the Meet-up Point on the date and time that you have booked.

Product Delivery Method

Please participate in each experiential program on premises.

Payment Method

【Cash Payment at Daisho-in】
Make a cash payment at the meet-up point on the date and time that you have booked.

【Advanced Payment via Credit Card】
Credit Card Companies: Credit card payments are accepted for VISA/MasterCard/American Express/JCB/Diners Club/Discover.


<Cancellation due to customer’s personal circumstances>
We will accept your cancellation request by phone or e-mail.
Cancellation fees will be charged in accordance with the cancellation policy listed on the descriptions page of each program.

<Cancellation due to unavoidable circumstances such as bad weather>
In case of cancellation at the discretion of the Seller or Daisho-in Temple, the customer will be notified by 12:00 noon on the day before the reserved date. No cancellation fee will be charged.
Cancellation at the discretion of the customer will be subject to a cancellation fee.
If you cannot arrive at the meet-up point due to transportation issues, etc., please be sure to contact us in advance to the reserved date and time. If we cannot get informed from the customer in advance, it shall be treated as a no-show cancellation and be subject to a cancellation fee.
Transportation and accommodation expenses to the meet-up point or are to be borne by the customer. No compensation for those expenses will be provided for cancellations.

Precautions regarding Representations and Products

The representations and reproducibility stated for this Product on this website are subject to individual differences, therefore, its benefits and effects are not necessarily guaranteed.
For precautions specific to each experiential program, please refer to the precautions on the description page of each program.

Response to Accidents and Other Emergencies

During the execution of each experiential program, the guide or instructor will give instructions for the safety of participants in order to prevent accidents, etc. Please follow their instructions.
The Seller or Daisho-in Temple cannot be held responsible for accidents involving personal injury or damage to property caused by the participant's own actions. Participants are responsible for purchasing their own accident and casualty insurance at their own discretion.