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Private tour and ascetic training experienceprovided by Daisho-in Temple,
the oldest esoteric Buddhist temple in Miyajima

– Mt. Misen captivated the Buddhist Monk Kukai –

Miyajima has been worshiped as a sacred island since ancient times.Now it is esteemed as the World Heritage Site.It has been accepting highly renowned authorities as visitors for the last 1400 years up until today,including emperors, aristocrats, monks, samurai warriors and more, who were in power at each time of the history.

How has Miyajima touched them? What has attracted them?Mt. Misen in Miyajima is a sacred mountain in deep connection with the Buddhist monk Kukai (the sect’s founder),the whole spirit of which has been protected by the oldest esoteric Buddhist temple, Daisho-in Temple.
Through this tour, you can learn the esteem of Miyajima directly from the temple.

We offer a private tour for one group of guests per day.We also offer a private training program as well if you are interested in.You can make an appointment as an option if you need an English or Chinese speaking interpreter.

Recommended for those on a day trip

Private Tour

– The Daisho-in’s original private tour, limited to one group of guests per day.
– The experienced monk will guide you around the facilities at the temple and offer Japanese vegetarian cuisine, using local specialty from Miyajima.
– You will be given a temple’s special stamp book (“Goshuincho”) decorated with a beautiful piece of gold leaf, which is produced by a traditional company with more than 100 years of history in Hiroshima.

Descriptions of the Private Tour

Recommended for those wishing to cultivate yourself

Private Training Experience

- The Daisho-in's original private training program, limited to one group of guests per day.
- You can experience a series of training programs, a lecture by the experienced monk about the teaching of Kukai as well as the history and culture of Miyajima, prayers, gomagyo practice, meditation, etc., through of which you can learn how to "empty your mind."