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Deep Miyajima offers the following experiential programs.
Please check out the contents below, which differ by programs.

Sutra Copying
"Shakyo" is a training program to copy a Buddhist sutra, such as Pranja-para-mita sutra.
You will rub down an ink stick and carefully write sutra letters with your thoughts put in, which will settle your mind and heal your soul and body, to establish your foundation to achieve your goals. An experienced monk will teach you step by step the traditional manner of a sutra copying, which has been handed down since the 8th Century.

Zen MeditationZazen is a training program to tune up your mind and body and face yourself through mental concentration in a correct posture. The Zen Meditation training will give you precious experience to get rid of any worldly thoughts and calmly face your mind.

Ajikan Meditation
Ajikan-meditation is unique to ascetic Buddhism. You will start meditation through special contemplation. In addition to the experience to calmly face your mind through Zen meditation, you will learn a method of special contemplation and breathing, which will make you feel as if you were integrated into the views of the universe that presides over the whole Nature. It will tune up your posture, breathing and mind, which will eventually improve your concentration and mitigate you mental stress. An experienced monk will carefully guide you how to reach there step by step.

Goma Prayer
at Daisho-in Chokugando Hall
Gomagyo ritual is one of the most important trainings that has been handed down in ascetic Buddhism for 1200 years. You will press your hands hard together in prayer and chant sutra, to burn out evil passions or worldly thoughts within yourself. Namikiri-Fudo-Myoo (wave-calming deity) is enshrined at "Chokugando", the main hall of Daisho-in. It is widely known in Japan that the Shogun back in the late 16th Century (Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI) prayed to this Namikiri-Fudo-Myoo for the marine safety of his troops dispatched to Korea through the Seto-Inland Sea.
This Gomagyo ritual will be conducted in front of the deity and the burning fire, so that you can get rid of any worldly thoughts, face yourself just as you are and make your mind calm and stable. (Nyojitsuchijishin)

Goma Prayer
at Misen Reikado Hall
This is a program to conduct a Gomagyo ritual at the Reikado hall at the top of Mt. Misen. The hall holds sacred fire "Kiezu-no-hi", which was used for the Gomagyo training by the monk Kukai (Kobo-Taishi) himself 1200 years ago and has never gone out since then.
Why don't you burn Goma woods with this sacred Kiezu-no-hi, to set a new light within your heart?

Japanese Buddhism Vegetarian CuisineThe Japanese Buddhist vegetarian cuisine offered by the Deep Miyajima Program is using local specialty, carefully grown up in Miyajima, a sacred island.

Japanese Tea Ceremony
(with some sweets)
We will serve you a Japanese Tea (Matcha), using a special fire "Kiezu-no-hi" taken out from the Reikado Hall at Mt. Misen. You don't have to have any experience nor expertise in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Sutra ChantingYou will chant sutra with a monk. Through sutra-chanting, you will learn lessons from Buddha, get blessings and benefits out of sutra and appreciate it. It is said that you can take on blessings and benefits from sutra just by reading it, even if you do not comprehend what it means.

PrayerYou will pray to Sanki-Daigongen, the only fierce god in Japan and the guardian deity to protect a miraculous virtue, Mt. Misen. You will pray for good fortune, wisdom and happiness and feel the miraculous virtue yourself.

Waterfall of Clouds
(Artificial Sea of Clouds)
“Shogyomujo” is one of the important concepts in Buddhism, which means “All things are not permanent.” Waterfall of Clouds just represents this concept, as clouds never remain the same. We will create artificial clouds, using sacred water from a sacred mountain, Mt. Misen. You will be taking a shower of the clouds to receive Buddha’s blessings.

(Temple Stamp Book)
You will pray to Sanki-Daigongen, the only fierce god in Japan and the guardian deity to protect a miraculous virtue, Mt. Misen. You will pray for good fortune, wisdom and happiness and feel the miraculous virtue yourself.

Interpreter GuideIf you make an appointment of an interpreter, we will assign you an experienced interpreter guide, who appreciates the idea of the Deep Miyajima programs. The guide will do their best to serve as a bridge between you and monks, so as to deliver their messages with deep thoughts/implications behind.