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Our wishes from Deep Miyajima

We get impressed when we meet people with dreams, putting every effort to make them come true while challenging adversities.

In the year 2020, many people in the world got mentally and physically infected by COVID-19 and lost their dreams and hopes.
Deep disappointment by the people with wisdom who have missed the opportunity to realize their dreams.
Deep sorrow for the people who have lost their loved ones.

We were filled with deep fears.
“We should not or do not want to give up any more” – We wanted to change such strong feelings into our belief and deliver them to all as messages. This is how we have started the Deep Miyajima Program. We wish for recovery of the inbound tourism in Hiroshima, to accept more guests from the world to share the mystic power of Miyajima Misen.

The programs will be open on Wednesdays and Saturdays only
(Please check the “Schedule” menu within the top bar.)